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Why Salem is a great place for green HVAC systems

Salem, Massachusetts, known for its historic legacy, is also carving out a name for itself in the realm of sustainability. This verdant city is embracing a comprehensive approach, deploying a multitude of green initiatives that span across transportation, materials, recycling, food, conservation, and historic preservation.

Leading the way in eco-friendly transportation, Salem has been fostering diverse options to curb greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability. The city has been facilitating electric vehicle usage, evident in its network of charging stations scattered around Salem.

In a bid to tackle waste, Salem implemented the Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance, effective since January 2018. This initiative aims to bolster sustainability by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting solid waste reduction, and safeguarding marine environments and waterways.

Salem's proactive stance on waste is also exemplified by SalemRecycles, a committee dedicated to slashing trash tonnage through increased recycling and diversion of reusable items. This initiative was launched by the mayor as part of the city's commitment to responsible waste management.

Simultaneously, Salem is nourishing its citizens through Mass in Motion Salem, an initiative committed to enhancing residents' access to healthier food and more physical activity. Among the projects are implementing safe routes to schools and parks, widening farmers market access, and spearheading school garden programs.

Salem's commitment to the environment extends beyond its urban confines with the city's Open Space Recreation Plan. The plan underscores the importance of preserving open spaces, safeguarding plant and animal habitats, maintaining neighborhood parks, and providing quality outdoor recreation facilities. Furthermore, the Salem Conservation Commission is pledged to protect coastal and wetland resources.

Mirroring its historical spirit, Salem is preserving its heritage, including historic buildings, landscapes, and objects, an effort that also enhances sustainability.

The city is simultaneously investing in energy efficiency and conservation. The Salem Power Choice is a key program that offers lower cost and higher renewable electricity supply options to residents and businesses. Additionally, the city offers numerous resources for energy-efficient upgrades for homes and businesses through the MassSave Energy Programs and Energy Savers Guide.

On a larger scale, Salem has tapped into wind energy, with plans and resources for wind energy ordinances and wind resource assessments. The city also participates in the Solarize Massachusetts program, encouraging the adoption of small-scale solar projects via a group purchasing model at reduced cost for residents and business owners.

On a statewide level, Massachusetts reported in late 2021 that electric vehicles made up 0.42% of the total registered vehicles, amounting to 21,010 vehicles. The state boasted 2,175 charging stations, ranking 5th overall among U.S. states, and had 23.2 charging ports per 100 electric vehicles.

These initiatives and statistics solidly position Salem, MA as a "green city." However, a more precise ranking or status compared to other American cities requires further investigation. Regardless, Salem's efforts clearly embody a city committed to environmental sustainability.

How Does Salem Compare to Other Towns

Oldest houses in Salem by town

Old homes are often associated with charming architecture and historical significance, but they can also present challenges in terms of energy efficiency. Due to outdated construction methods and materials, these homes may have poor insulation, outdated HVAC systems, and drafty windows, making them less energy-efficient compared to modern constructions.

HVAC installation contractor company in Massachusetts for AC systems, furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters

Chart of old homes

Ranked by town

Town Year
Salem 1948
Athol 1945
Lawrence 1947
Marblehead 1948
Wellesley 1949
HVAC installation contractor company in Massachusetts for AC systems, furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters

Which towns have the most heat pumps?

Heat pumps are the ideal choice for home energy efficiency due to their ability to transfer heat rather than generate it, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Most heat pumps by town

Ranked by town

Town Ranking
Salem 60
Bourne 58
Southbridge 59
Marlborough 61
Northborough 62

Most HVAC replacements

These are the towns that are the most proactive about replacing their heating and cooling equipment.

HVAC installation contractor company in Massachusetts for AC systems, furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters

Most HVAC replacements

Ranked by town

Town Ranking
Salem 10
Westminster 8
Auburn 9
Concord 11
Methuen 12
HVAC installation contractor company in Massachusetts for AC systems, furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters

Most natural gas or oil homes

These are the towns that have the most work to do to make the transformation to heat pumps.

Most natural gas or oil homes

Ranked by town

Town Ranking
Salem 143
Somerville 141
Southborough 142
Methuen 144
Osterville 145

Most Solar

The ranking of the towns with the most homes with solar panels on their roofs.

HVAC installation contractor company in Massachusetts for AC systems, furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters

Greenest towns

Ranked by town

Town Ranking
Salem 8
Westminster 6
Auburn 7
Concord 9
Methuen 10