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Whether your furnace is beyond repair or you’re looking to upgrade, we’ll make sure your home’s warm and your budget’s comfortable with a heat pump

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Tetra installs two kinds of furnaces

Natural Gas Furnace vs Propane Furnace

The natural gas furnace cost and the cost of a propane furnace are comparable in terms of energy efficiency, safety, and environmental footprint. When compared unit for unit, propane is twice as efficient as natural gas. This means you can use half as much propane to do the same job as natural gas. That being said, the cost of a propane furnace is slightly higher than a natural gas furnace. Making the choice between two fuels is a matter of personal preference.

Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace heats your home by burning natural gas or propane. The flames heat up a metal heat exchanger, which transfers its heat to incoming air. The gas furnace’s blower forces the heated air into your home’s ductwork and distributes it throughout your home. As the warm air fills your home, cooler air is drawn back into the gas furnace via return ducts, and the process begins again.


What will my new system cost?

The average new system cost varies depending on the model, efficiency rating, and other factors. Tetra’s experts are ready to talk you through our available heat pumps and gas furnaces, and help you choose the best system for your home.

Here's what our systems look like once they're installed

rectangleHVAC Installer

Boiler Installer in Plymouth

rectangleHVAC Installer

Furnace installer in North Andover

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Mini split installer in Brockton

rectangleHVAC Installer

Boiler specialist in Boston

rectangleHVAC Installer

Boiler Installer in Plymouth


Benefits of a new system

A healthier home

Upgrading your system means better air quality. New units have top-rate filters that rid your home of airborne dust particles, bacteria, fungi, and microbes.

Peace and quiet

Older furnaces can be noisy, especially when their fans start to wear and tear. New technology is quieter than ever—comparable to the sound of your refrigerator.

Consistent comfort

As your furnace ages, you'll start to notice temperature fluctuations or increased humidity. A newer system heats your home evenly so it's always comfortable.

“I had a ductless mini split installed.  Very professional, responsive, excellent quality, and exceptional price.  Half the costs of all other bids I got for the job.”
Jack O.
Springfield, MA
"The team was flawless in our installation process from start to finish. The best decision my husband and I have made in home improvement. Don't wait, call them today!"
Jack O.
Springfield, MA

Signs it’s time to upgrade

Your furnace is more than 10 years old

Older furnaces are more likely to have issues and they cost more to run. Plus, technology has improved dramatically in the past 10 years.

You see an increase in your energy bill

When your gas furnace is not working efficiently, it uses more energy than normal, and costs more to run.

Your furnace is noisier than before

Strange noises usually mean you need a repair. If your furnace is on the older side, consider a replacement rather than another fix.

Your furnace flames are yellow

A new high-efficiency furnace will always produce a clean blue flame to heat your home. If the flames coming from the burners are yellow, your old furnace is producing carbon monoxide, or it’s a sign of a dangerous gas leak that needs to be repaired right away.

Save thousands when you upgrade

High-efficiency appliances can make your home more comfortable and significantly reduce your energy bills. If you're upgrading to a high-efficiency appliance, incentive programs, like Mass Save®, offer rebates to make the cost more manageable.

Tetra gets you available rebates before installation day for a huge upfront discount. No paperwork, no waiting, no fuss.

Here’s a breakdown of the rebates available to you through Mass Save®



Central Heat Pump


Gas Heating

Up to $1,000 for heating

Smart & Programmable Thermostats

Up to $100 or price-discount and no-cost installation*

Always the lowest price

We guarantee you won't find a lower price for your furnace replacement. We skip sales fees and commission, and pass the savings onto you. We're so confident in our prices that if you find a lower quote, we'll beat it by $300.

Efficiency equals savings

Upgrading to a more efficient furnace can have a big impact on your monthly energy bill. Homeowners who replace their furnaces with energy-efficient models report energy cost savings of 25% or higher.

Save money & the planet

Making small changes to your home heating can have a big impact on climate change. When you replace your older furnace with a newer, energy-efficient model, it's almost as effective as giving up your car!

Frequently asked questions

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