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How to Lower Your Energy Bill

Did you know that your outdated HVAC system could be the cause of your high energy bills?

Tetra Raises $10.5M in Funding to Support Bi-Coastal Expansion

What is a Home Energy Assessments in Massachusetts?

Overcoming Weatherization Barriers: Cost, Caution, and Why It's Worth It

A Guide to the Benefits of Insulating Your Home

8 ways insulation can enhance home comfort and save on energy bills.

The A, B, Cs of Mass Save® Rebates

The steps required by Mass Save to receive the heat pump rebates.

3 Things To Look For In A Boiler Or Furnace Contractor

Learn what makes a contractor high-quality, and one you should work with for your boiler or furnace replacement.

How to find the best local HVAC company to install your new furnace

What is the average cost of a new furnace and installation? Let’s look at the factors that affect furnace installation cost and how to choose the best local HVAC company to handle your furnace installation.

Reduce your home’s carbon footprint through high efficiency heating and cooling systems

Did you know, the single biggest thing you can do to reduce your home’s carbon footprint is to install energy-efficient heating and cooling systems?

What are the best heat pump brands?

What is the best heat pump brand to buy? Tetra experts share the heat pump brands they recommend most.

Ready for the heat waves? When is the best time to replace your AC?

It’s the hottest time of year and the worst time to replace your ac unit. Did you know that replacing your air conditioning in the summer can lead to higher costs and slower turnaround times?

Home Energy Rebates & Incentives In New England States

If the cost of your upgrades is daunting, local incentive programs can help offset the cost. Here’s a quick guide to energy efficiency rebates and incentive programs available to you in the New England states.

Types of central air conditioning systems and how to choose

Summer’s in full swing and you may be thinking about upgrading or installing a central air conditioning system.

What are the best AC brands in 2022?

What is the best ac brand to buy? Tetra experts share the AC brands they recommend most.

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner: What's the Difference?

Heat Pump vs AC—what’s the difference? Which is best? Compare cost, efficiency, performance, and more so you can choose the ideal system for your home.

All About Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

Ductless mini splits vs central air conditioning. How should you cool your space? Learn about pros, cons, cost, and our favorite mini split system brand.

How Much Does A New Boiler Or Furnace Cost?

Learn how to understand quotes you receive from contractors for your boiler or furnace replacement.

Air Conditioners: A Quick and Easy Guide

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing air conditioner or to install a new ac, you have more options than ever. This quick guide to air conditioners will help you choose the right model for your home.

Furnaces: A Quick and Easy Guide

This quick guide to furnaces will help you choose the ideal model for your home and your budget.

Tank or Tankless Hot Water Heater: Which is Right for Your Home?

Tank or tankless hot water heater—what’s the difference? Compare cost, efficiency, and performance so you can choose the right hot water heater for your home.

8 Top Boiler, Furnace, and Air Conditioner Brands: Which are the Best?

Tetra researched the best boilers, air conditioners and furnace brands so you don't have to.

Help Fight Climate Change With Your Home’s Boiler, Furnace, or Air Conditioner

Did you know there’s something you can do in your home today to make a significant impact on climate change?

Understanding Your Boiler Or Furnace Warranty

Learn how to understand what is covered within your boiler or furnace's warranty, and how long that warranty lasts.

3 Ways To Save Hours On Research

Learn how to save hours of your time when buying a boiler or furnace replacement.

Your Guide To Fast, Easy Rebates & Financing with Mass Save®

Learn how to take advantage of rebates and financing offers through Mass Save.

What Is A Combi Boiler And Why Should You Buy One?

Learn the pros and cons of combi boilers, and what brands make the best systems.

Heat Pumps: Everything you need to know

Heat pumps have gained enormous popularity as a ultra high efficiency way for homes to get off fossil fuels. But, what are they? This guide explains what they are and why they have gained such popularity.

Tetra is more affordable than

Tetra will always offer you a lower, more affordable quote on your heat pump purchase and installation. As you compare costs, it’s worth noting that Tetra can help you save way more than money. We can also help you save time, stress, and effort by offering guaranteed upfront pricing, fully-covered warranties, a dedicated point of contact through every step of your installation, and help finding and applying for rebates. With Tetra, buying and installing a heat pump is a breeze. 

What is a tankless water heater and is it right for your home?

Everything you need to know about heat pump rebates from Con Ed

Let’s break down all the details around the heat pump rebate programs offered by Con Edison

Four Uncommon (But Highly Impactful) ways to lower your energy bills

Are you tired of cringing every time you open your energy bill? Do you find yourself wondering if there's a better way to manage those costs that isn’t just turning everything off? You're not alone. Many homeowners face the same dilemma. The good news is, there are several strategies you can employ to lower your energy bills, and they go beyond just switching off lights and unplugging devices. In this guide, we'll delve into some unexpected yet effective ways to reduce your energy expenses.

Answers to The Most Common Heat Pump Questions

All of your burning questions about heat pumps answered, including how they work, why they are more efficient, and how much it costs to install them.

Heat Pump Maintenance Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about how to keep your heat pump running at peak capacity

Saving Money with Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps can save homeowners an average of 30-50% on their heating and cooling costs by transferring heat from the air outside a building to the inside, or vice versa, depending on the season. Proper maintenance, including regularly cleaning and servicing the unit and replacing worn or damaged parts as needed, can help ensure that an air-source heat pump operates at peak efficiency and continues to provide energy savings.

Boilers: Everything you need to know

In our ultimate guide to high efficiency gas boilers, we cover everything you need to know about these advanced heating systems. From the benefits of high efficiency to the different types of boilers available and how to choose the right one for your needs, our guide has you covered. We also provide tips on maintenance and troubleshooting to help you get the most out of your new boiler. Don't miss out on the opportunity to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Boilers

We've gathered answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about boilers.

Ductless Mini Splits: Everything You Need to Know

Ductless mini splits are revolutionizing the way we heat and cool our homes and buildings. These sleek and efficient systems offer a range of benefits, including the ability to heat and cool individual rooms or zones, improved energy efficiency, and cost savings. With a variety of types and sizes available, there is a ductless mini split system to suit every home or building. Plus, with no need for unsightly and energy-wasting ductwork, these systems provide a discreet and flexible solution for all your heating and cooling needs.

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Ductless Mini Splits

All of your burning questions about ductless mini splits answered.

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