About Tetra

Homeowners deserve better than phone tag, uncertainty, and hours of comparison shopping. So, we created Tetra.

Tetra is the home services company that makes it painless to replace heating and cooling. We took an outdated process and moved it online, saving homeowners time, money, and a lot of frustration.

We offer leading clean energy products, a seamless experience, the most supportive customer service in the industry, and the best prices—guaranteed.

Heating & cooling system installations service area for central air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, heat pumps in Boston MA
Our home in Boston, MA
high-efficiency appliances make our homes, our community, and the planet more comfortablerectangle

Our mission

Our mission is bigger than boilers, furnaces, and a better customer experience—we take our greater home to heart, too.

Tetra makes it easy for homeowners to switch to clean energy because we believe small improvements can lead to bigger change. Something as simple as choosing a high-efficiency appliance can make our homes, our community, and the planet more comfortable.

Our values


To us, simplicity means rethinking and removing unnecessary barriers—not just accepting the way things are done.


A comfortable home is essential, not a luxury. We're always thinking of ways to save without compromising quality.


We don't leave anyone in the cold. We're responsive, respectful, and willing to help.


We openly share information with our team, partners, and homeowners. Good things come from honesty and integrity.


We work with small businesses and help them grow. Our community is important to us.


HVAC can have an impact. We're dedicated to putting clean, efficient appliances in as many homes as possible.

Sustainability - HVAC can have an impact by putting clean, efficient appliances in Massachusetts homesrectangle

Why join our team

Guided by our values, we want to make clean energy and an exceptional online experience the norm. We are always looking for curious, creative, kind individuals to join us.

Max Veggeberg

Co-Founder & CEO
Newton, MA

Aamir Sarwar

New York, NY

Eran Kalmanson

VP of Engineering
New York, NY

Ravenne Nasser

Product Manager
Boston, MA

Laina Gray

Revenue Operations Analyst
North Andover, MA

Jon Legg

Partnership Manager
Boston, MA

Andari Kai

Logistics Manager
Holyoke, MA

Thomas Lafountain

Diagnostics Technician
Springfield, MA

Parrish Polk

Homeowner Success Manager
Boston, MA

Sean Han

New York, NY

Our partners


Replacing your HVAC system really can be painless.

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