Terms & Conditions

Tetra will install or repair a boiler, furnace, or air conditioner. The contractor agrees to perform the  described work, furnishing the material and labor specified above for the contract price listed above. The homeowner agrees to pay the undisputed portion of the above contract price or the deposit (if financing) immediately after the walkthrough of the above described systems.

Payment terms

Equipment is under service warranty through Tetra for 12 months following date of completed installation. Should an issues arise within 12 months of installation, Tetra will pay full labor and material cost and bill the manufacturer directly. The customer is entitled to choose a 3rd party contractor at their discretion, but voids the Tetra warranty. The customer may not bill Tetra for work performed by a 3rd party contractor unless explicitly agreed to ahead of time, in writing, by Tetra. Should the homeowner require warranty work after 12 months, Tetra will provide a contractor to perform the work. The customer will be responsible for contractor labor costs and Tetra will bill the manufacturer directly for required parts.

Signature terms

The homeowner gives Tetra permission to sign job-related and rebate documents on their behalf.

Co detector

The Homeowner may be required by their town to have one CO detector on every floor to comply with building code. If so, and the home is not code-compliant at time of install, the Homeowner will be responsible for $50.00 per CO detector that is installed ahead of inspection.


Tetra will not be responsible for asbestos abatements of any sort. If asbestos is discovered during removal/installation of existing heating system/piping, the customer will be responsible for the removal of all asbestos impacting the project and the additional charges incurred by the abatement service.


Tetra will return full deposit if project is cancelled before installation date. If the installation cannot occur due to no fault of the Homeowner, Tetra will refund the full deposit.


Tetra reserves the right to reschedule the installation. Any Homeowner that reschedules more than twice may be charged a rescheduling fee of $150 per additional occurrence.


Proposals are valid for signing within 14 days.


HEAT Loan maximum financeable amount is $25,000 - $50,000 depending on which bank is used. Customer will pay unfinanced amount with first HEAT Loan check.


If final payment is more than 14 days late, Tetra will submit the collection to a collections agency, based on our discretion.

Service policies

  • The equipment purchased is under service warranty through Tetra for 12 months following the date of installation. Tetra will be responsible for addressing any installation issues at no cost to the homeowner.
  • The equipment is under warranty through the manufacturer, which Tetra will register on your behalf. In the event of an equipment malfunction, equipment warranty issue, or force majeure (e.g. hail storm damages equipment), Tetra will facilitate the communication with the manufacturer and/or your homeowners insurance, assist in diagnosing problems, and do anything in our means to help resolve the issue. Tetra does not, however, take financial responsibility for these scenarios.
  • One year after installation, ongoing services stemming from issues are subject to a charge.