Upgrade to a heat pump & save $$$

New incentives have arrived - get $12k off your heat pump

Fully Covered™️ for 10 years: never worry about repairs or maintenance
We handle the rebates, you save
One-on-one support at every step


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How much can you save?

Most homeowners are eligible for $12k-$20k to upgrade to a heat pump. But with so much money on the line, the stakes are high.

We make sure you get every dollar you are owed.

How it works

1. Virtual quote

Get an instant price for your new heat pump, without waiting days for a contractor to show up.

2. Details are on us

No phone tag and juggling contractors. Your Account Manager will manage the details for you and match you with one of our vetted, licensed pros with decades of experience.

3. Smooth installation

Your pro installs the equipment on the day of your installation

4. Guaranteed rebates

We apply for the rebates on your behalf to ensure you get every dollar you deserve.

Reviews in your area

“Worked with them for two different properties. Both times the experience was smooth and easy.”
Jack O.
Ductless Mini Split, Taunton, MA
“I had a ductless mini split installed. Very professional, responsive, excellent quality, and exceptional price. Half the costs of all other bids I got for the job.”
Mike L.
Ductless Mini Split, Brockton, MA
Their pricing is very fair and they rely on great local companies. It's very refreshing! They helped us source and install both a tankless hot water system and a ductless mini split. Life changing.
Kevin H.
Ductless Mini Split, Holbrook, MA

Your purchase is completely covered by us

What is

Fully Covered™

by Tetra?

Upgrading your heating & cooling system is a major investment. We take that seriously. By only using the best equipment and highest quality contractors we can guarantee the system will just work for the next 10 years.

Instead of fussing around with what’s covered, what’s not, what does a visit cost – we’re gonna save you the headache.

We’re gonna take care of your system for you.
We’re gonna cover everything for 10 years.
And it’s not gonna cost you a penny extra.

No guessing, no ghosting, no annual payment plans, and no upselling during visits. We believe in the equipment we’re selling and our incredible install partners so much, we’re willing to eat the cost if anything goes wrong.

No nonsense. Just great equipment that we’ll keep in tip-top shape. That’s Fully Covered️ by Tetra.

Find the right Fully Covered️™ by Tetra equipment for your home
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Compare the cost of a Fully Covered™ by Tetra system vs other national service companies
Fully Covered™️ by Tetra
The other guys

10 years of guaranteed performance
1 year, labor only If something breaks, you foot the bill to fix the parts.
All included, tune-ups, repairs, everything
Something happens on day 366, that’s on you
We’ll know if there’s an issue before you do
Tune-ups included
$100-$200 just to take a look
$0 extra

Why Tetra?

Save $1500

We have direct relationships with manufacturers to get unbeatable pricing and pass those savings onto you.

We handle the rebates, you save

It’s easy to get lost in the paperwork and with $12,000 on the line, you don’t want to guess. Our trained team of Account Managers apply for all the rebates on your behalf to ensure you get every single dollar you’re owed.

One-on-one support at every step

You get personalized support from a dedicated Account Manager through every step of your project.

Meet our pros

Don’t guess when it comes to your contractor. All of our pros are licensed, insured, and vetted.

Tom W.

Years in HVAC: 20 Years
Taunton, MA

Herbie L.

Years in HVAC: 17 Years
Plymouth, MA

Ed G.

Years in HVAC: 13 Years
Winchester, MA

Michael S.

Years in HVAC: 13 Years
Framingham, MA

Richard L.

Years in HVAC: 22 Years
Taunton, MA

Heat Pumps in the news

“The pumps are considered crucial to the region’s response to climate change.”
“Going green doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. Heat pumps are cost- and energy-efficient systems.”
“Germans have seen the future, and it’s a heat pump.”

What's included

Our end-to-end installation service ensures that every job is done right and you're 100% satisfied. It includes:

A dedicated Account Manager with you every step of the way

Installation, including testing and QC

Help choosing the best financing options to meet your needs

Walk through of system functionality

Material ordering and delivery

Removal of your existing system

Any necessary permitting

Cleaning up your home to look spotless

See why our customers love working with us

Excellent employees, very considerate of my fur babies ensuring that they didn’t escape. Cleaned the job site after completion.
Eliza L.
Ductless Mini Split, Weston, MA
Excellent all around experience!! Love how easy this entire process was!
Diana E.
Ductless Mini Split, Holbrook, MA
We have had a great experience. They were willing to work around our work-from-home needs, and did a great job. We LOVE the mini-splits. So far, it's a much more comfortable fall, and we anticipate a cozier winter.
Erica B.
Ductless Mini Split, Lowell, MA
Parrish was so helpful, I had sort of a tricky configuration and lots of questions and he was great. Tiago and Matthew were amazing installers! Mike and Joe did an excellent job on the electrical install too,
Adriane E.
Ductless Mini Split, Holbrook, MA
Everything was taken care of any issues I had were handled quickly by Tetra. The installers were great to deal with; the clean up could have been better, but over all I can say we are very satisfied with our project.
Erica B.
Central Heat Pump, Franklin, MA
Francis F.
Ductless Mini Split, Weston, MA

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that transfers heat between the indoor and outdoor environments using refrigerant, extracting heat from the outdoor air or ground in heating mode and removing heat from the indoor air in cooling mode, resulting in increased energy efficiency compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

How much money will I save with a heat pump?

In general, heat pumps are a more efficient heating source. However, the amount of money you will save depends on a variety factors related to home size, insulation levels, and energy usage.

How much will I spend upgrading to a heat pump after incentives?

Every home is different, but heat pumps can range from $8,000 - $20,000, or more. By upgrading to a heat pump, you are eligible for $10,000 from the Mass Save® program and $2,000 in Federal tax incentives, which lower the cost by $12,000.

What are my payment options?

You have a few payment options, depending on your preference and timeline. Homeowners paying with cash can have their heat pump installed the fastest. We also offer financing through Good Leap, which will take 1-2 days and have an interest rate from 7-12% APR. The Mass Save® program provides a 0% interest HEAT Loan, however it typically adds 2-3 weeks to the project timeline.

How much does it cost to run the system on a monthly basis?

Monthly costs vary based on usage, the number of people in your household, and other factors. However, homeowners who install energy-efficient appliances report energy cost savings of 25% or higher.

Frequently asked questions

How much money will I save with a heat pump?

How much will I spend upgrading to a heat pump after incentives?

What are my payment options?

How much does it cost to run the system on a monthly basis?

What is a heat pump, and how does it work?