How much does a new boiler or replacement furnace installation cost?

How Much Does A New Boiler Or Furnace Cost?

Learn how to understand quotes you receive from contractors for your boiler or furnace replacement.

Written by
Kate Webb
May 19, 2021

Knowing that the temperatures are dropping, now is the best time to start thinking about a new boiler or furnace. Not only is a new boiler or furnace going to be more effective at keeping you and your family comfortable, but it also may help lower your monthly utility bills.

Of course, there is the boiler or furnace system cost to consider. It can be challenging to figure out approximately how much it will cost to purchase a boiler or furnace and pay for the heating system installation. If you look up the prices of a new boiler or furnace online, you will see prices that vary greatly from those offered to you by boiler or furnace contractors. If you contact several contractors on your own, you will get quotes that may not be easy to compare because it’s not clear what is included in the price and if the price is fair.

Understanding Boiler and Furnace Contractors' Price Quotes for New Systems

A qualified boiler or furnace contractor is going to give you a quote that includes the boiler or furnace system cost as well as a variety of other costs. Your quote will typically include:

  • Price of new boiler or furnace system equipment
  • Cost of installation materials
  • Labor costs

In addition, some contractors may lump the following costs into your price quote for a new boiler or furnace and installation, or they may be presented as additional charges:

  • Cost of local permits that are required to complete the job.
  • Cost to clean up and remove existing equipment.
  • Registration fees for the system warranty.
  • Cost to submit applicable rebate forms.
  • Administration costs to schedule the boiler or furnace installation and subsequent inspections.

Given the fact that each quote from the contractors that you consult could be different and may include additional costs, it can be difficult to compare them. Fortunately, there are now easier ways to find out exactly how much it will cost for you to get the new heating system that you need.

Ways to Get Quotes for a New Boiler or Furnace

Traditionally, anyone who was interested in having a boiler or furnace contractor complete a heating system installation for them would have a couple of options available to get quotes. You could either contact several contractors yourself to talk about quotes or use an online service to collect bids on your project. Either way, most boiler or furnace contractors will require an in-person or virtual consultation before they deliver a price quote.  

Fortunately, you now have more convenient options available to you, and can receive an accurate quote for your boiler or furnace replacement when you use Tetra's instant, online pricing which offers replacements as soon as next-day.

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