Rebates for gas, oil, electric heated water heaters, heat pumps & smart programmable thermostats in MA

Your Guide To Fast, Easy Rebates & Financing

Learn how to take advantage of rebates and financing offers through Mass Save.

Kate Webb

High-efficiency appliances can make your home more comfortable and significantly reduce your energy bills. If you’re considering some upgrades, incentive programs, like Mass Save®, offer up to $2,750 in rebates or interest-free financing for eligible households.

If you’re applying for rebates or financing on your own, you have to determine if the product you want is eligible. Plus, you need to complete the paperwork; and then there’s a wait time to hear back. When you apply through Tetra, we handle every part of the process for you and can accelerate your application. No fuss, no confusion.

We do all the paperwork on your behalf, and get you the rebate or loan immediately. Transparency is important to us and we believe you should know the total cost of your project at the outset. We are available for questions and support throughout the application process.

Here’s a breakdown of the rebates available to you through Mass Save®:


If you’re considering more extensive upgrades, financing is available at 0% interest over 84 months through Mass Save® as well. You may be eligible for incentives for energy-efficient home upgrades like heating and water heating equipment, central A/C and heat pumps, insulation, and more.

Contact InHome today with questions and to get the process started. You can reach us any time at 781-222-3059, or submit your request for a quote on our website.

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