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How much can you save with ConEd Energy Rebates?

Most homeowners are eligible for $8-$12k in energy efficiency rebates to upgrade to a heat pump. But with so much money on the line, the stakes are high.

We make sure you get every dollar you are owed.

Getting a new HVAC system is easy with Tetra

1. Virtual quote

Get an instant price for your new heat pump, without waiting days for a contractor to show up.

2. Details are on us

No phone tag and juggling contractors. Your Account Manager will manage the details for you and match you with one of our vetted, licensed pros with decades of experience.

3. Smooth installation

Your pro installs the equipment on the day of your installation

4. Guaranteed rebates

We apply for the rebates on your behalf to ensure you get every dollar you deserve.

The easiest, most affordable way to get a heat pump

Take advantage of New York Heat Pump Rebates

Heat pumps qualify for up to $12K in rebates from Con Edison and heat pumps save homeowners on average $500 a year on energy bills.

Custom heating and cooling

Heat pumps can heat and cool each room of your home individually, ensurng you're comfortable all year round.

A better option for you and for the planet

Heat pumps are a healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient solution to cooling and heating your home.

“I had a ductless mini split installed.  Very professional, responsive, excellent quality, and exceptional price.  Half the costs of all other bids I got for the job.”
Jack O.
Springfield, MA

Your HVAC purchase is completely covered by Tetra

What is

Fully Covered™

by Tetra?

Upgrading your heating & cooling system is a major investment. We take that seriously. By only using the best equipment and highest quality contractors we can guarantee the system will just work for the next 10 years.

Instead of fussing around with what’s covered, what’s not, what does a visit cost – we’re gonna save you the headache.

We’re gonna take care of your system for you.
We’re gonna cover everything for 10 years.
And it’s not gonna cost you a penny extra.

No guessing, no ghosting, no annual payment plans, and no upselling during visits. We believe in the equipment we’re selling and our incredible install partners so much, we’re willing to eat the cost if anything goes wrong.

No nonsense. Just great equipment that we’ll keep in tip-top shape. That’s Fully Covered️ by Tetra.

Find the right Fully Covered️™ by Tetra equipment for your home
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Fully Covered™️ by Tetra
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10 years of guaranteed performance
1 year, labor only If something breaks, you foot the bill to fix the parts.
All included, tune-ups, repairs, everything
Something happens on day 366, that’s on you
We’ll know if there’s an issue before you do
Tune-ups included
$100-$200 just to take a look
$0 extra

Heating and Cooling Reviews

Ductless Heat Pump
$10,000 State Rebate
We had a great experience from start to finish! The installers were professional, courteous, prompt, efficient, as well as clearly knowledgeable and experienced. We appreciated how considerate they were of the fact they were in our home. They took time to answer any questions we had and for whatever explanations were needed. And we love having central AC!!
Kathy C., 5 months ago
Ductless Heat Pump
$10,000 State Rebate
The whole process was easy. Company followed through with all the promises made. Workmanship was excellent. Workers were professional and clean. Highly recommend
Marty C., 2 months ago
Ductless Heat Pump
$10,000 State Rebate
I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional service I received from the very beginning when I was asking for information up until the day of installation. I'm very appreciative with the smooth process. Very easy and stress free for me! I just can't say enough good things about Tetra. I would recommend them 100%.
Mirosleidy O., 5 months ago
Ductless Heat Pump
$10,000 State Rebate
The entire process from start to finish was amazing. Every person was professional, knowledgeable, and made sure we were taken care of and understood everything throughout the entire process!
Allison D., 1 month ago

Read More about ConEd Energy HVAC Rebates and Incentives

Con Edison offers homeowners up to $12,000 in Rebates towards installing a new air source heat pump as well as an additional $2,000 in tax credits. ConEd Energy Efficiency Rebates and Federal Tax Incentives can feel really confusing and change year to year. We review some of the most confusing topics here.

Everything you need to know about the Con Edison Rebates

How federal tax credits work

Home Energy Rebates & Incentives In New England States

Frequently asked questions

What is a heat pump, and how does it work?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that transfers heat between the indoor and outdoor environments using refrigerant, extracting heat from the outdoor air or ground in heating mode and removing heat from the indoor air in cooling mode, resulting in increased energy efficiency compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Why consider a heat pump for my home in Westchester, NY?

In addition to the up to $12,000 rebates you can get for switching to a heat pump, heat pumps are significantly more efficient than furnaces or boilers to heat and cool your home. Also, it's good for the environment.

Are there any financial incentives available for installing a heat pump in Westchester, NY?

Yes! In Westchester, Con Edison is offering up to $12,000 to install a heat pump and disable or remove your existing heating system.

How can I apply for NYSERDA rebates?

If you work with Tetra to install your new heat pump, we will prep all paperwork and apply for the rebates on your behalf.

What Con Edison rebates are available for heat pump installations?

Con Edison is offering up to $12,000 in rebates for homeowners who disable or remove their existing heating and cooling system and replace it with a heat pump.

Are there any energy efficiency requirements to qualify for rebates?

No, in Westcheater there are no energy efficiency requirements to qualiify for rebates.

How long does the installation process take?

Depending on the system you choose and the size of your home, the installation can be anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

Are there ongoing maintenance requirements for a heat pump?

Just like a furnace or boiler, there are maintenance requirements for a heat pump. At Tetra, we will make a customized maintenance schedule for your new system based on the system and model you have installed and your home.

Is there a federal tax deduction for heat pump?

Heat pumps and biomass stoves and boilers with a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75% qualify for a credit up to $2,000 per year.

Will the Inflation Reduction Act pay for my heat pump?

Installing a heat pump can save a family hundreds of dollars each year on energy bills. The Inflation Reduction Act includes tax credits and rebates that can cover up to 100% of the costs, depending on household eligibility.

What qualifies for energy tax credit in 2024 IRS?

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, beginning Jan. 1, 2023, the credit equals 30% of certain qualified expenses: Qualified energy efficiency improvements installed during the year which can include things like: Heat pumps, water heaters, Insulation and air sealing materials or systems.