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Max Veggeberg

At a glance: 

  • What is Fully Covered By Tetra
  • What is actually covered?
  • We answer all of your questions and then some. 

You can trust that your system is going to last and work efficiently, we’re so sure that we’ve got a Fully Covered by Tetra Guarantee. Unlike other contractors, we won’t charge you for annual tune-ups or maintenance plans, and if your system breaks - we cover the cost of a repair. This blog post covers all the questions you might have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really “Fully Covered”?

In short yes. Here’s is what the guarantee does not cover: 

  • System negligence: We will provide you with a customized maintenance checklist to keep your system in tip-top shape. Following this will help keep your system operating at the highest efficiency and keep it eligible for The Fully Covered by Tetra Guarantee. 
  • You (or anyone else!) take a baseball bat (or anything else) to your equipment and intentionally destroy it.
  • Another contractor damages the equipment. If that happens, we'll fix it and they'll pick up the bill.
  • There's an Act of God or extreme weather event. If that happens, we'll work with your homeowners insurance and they'll cover it.

That's it, if there's anything else, it's on us. 

What happens if my HVAC system breaks?

Our highly trained, licensed contractors ensure proper installation and efficiency. If your system breaks, we'll promptly send a technician to cover repair costs, all included with Fully Covered by Tetra at no extra charge.

What happens if I move?

Fully Covered is non-transferable.

When will my annual maintenance visit be scheduled?

Our team customizes a maintenance schedule based on your home, system type, and model. We only send a team when necessary, typically every 1-3 years. And for repairs, rest assured, we'll fix it promptly at no cost to you.

Will there be tune-ups?

Absolutely. Your servicing schedule aligns with your system's needs, including tune-ups. We cover the costs, sending technicians as needed at no extra charge.

Is my previously installed system Fully Covered by Tetra?

All of our past installations are still backed by a 12 Month Service Guarantee and our equipment is covered under a 10 year manufacturer warranty. We're working on Fully Covered options for existing Tetra-installed systems, so stay tuned.

What are the homeowner's maintenance responsibilities?

Homeowners receive a customized maintenance plan, including tasks like air filter cleaning/replacement and thermostat battery changes. Completing these tasks is essential for Fully Covered eligibility. Your account manager will guide you through these during onboarding.

How quickly will you respond?

Unlike others who may take weeks, homeowners can report issues online 24/7/365. Expect a response within 3 days for non-emergencies and 48 hours for emergencies.

Does this satisfy requirements of manufacturer warranty?

Our Fully Covered plan ensures your system qualifies for manufacturer warranty coverage. Plus, we handle all paperwork at no extra cost, saving you from expensive preventative maintenance contracts.

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